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Join the fight against ALS.

"The community is making its mark in the fight against ALS by getting #INKEDforALS"
Increase awareness of ALS by getting #INKEDforALS

Increase awareness of ALS by getting

Increase awareness of ALS by getting #INKEDforALS

Every 90 minutes, another person in the United States is diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). And though some may live 5 to 10 years or longer, the average life expectancy following diagnosis is just 2 to 5 years. Some symptoms may vary from individual to individual, but all will experience progressive muscle weakness and paralysis.

#INKEDforALS aims to help increase awareness around ALS and to demonstrate that as long as ALS is permanent, so is our support.

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#INKEDforALS aims to continue to raise awareness for ALS. During May, which is ALS Awareness Month in the United States, we offered free temporary tattoos that could be ordered through our website to show your support. You can now get tattoos at Amylyx-sponsored ALS events, or raise awareness with some of the digital features on our website.

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Try our virtual tattoo filter on Instagram. Then post your photo with #INKEDforALS and share why supporting ALS is important to you.

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We’ve made ALS Our Mission

We’ve made ALS

We’ve made ALS Our Mission
Everything we do at Amylyx is centered around those living with neurodegenerative diseases. In a relentless pursuit to preserve every moment, we’re working to discover and advance new treatments with the potential to give people more quality time with the ones they love. You can join us in our mission. Help us to continue raising awareness of ALS by participating in #INKEDforALS.

During ALS Awareness Month, we donate to the following advocacy organizations in recognition of their support.
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ALS Hope Foundation
Compassionate Care ALS Logo
Les Turner ALS Foundation Logo
Muscular Dystrophy Association Logo
Team Gleason Logo
The community has beem making its mark in the fight against ALS by getting #INKEDforALS

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Get #INKEDforALS to show your support for people around the world living with ALS.
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